Prime League: NFA Blue 2-1 Hougang United




HGFC Scorer: Hasree Zais 38′


It was an unusual game of sorts, when the NFA Blue team met Hougang United at the Yishun Stadium on a wet Monday evening for a Prime League fixture.

Eventhough NFA Blue managed to come out victorious in a closely fought match, however, the men who was the most noticable in the game was the referee Simon Ong, and his assistant referee Syed Ibrahim.

Although there were few minor decisions that were questionable, however, two major decisions which would have been indirectly turned the outcome of the game, which left most spectators dumbfounded and furious.

The first incident was on 30 minutes, when referee Simon Ong flashed a “phantom” red card on Hougang’s left fullback Fazly Hasan. Fazly had not given a blatant or a dangerous foul, neither did he prevented a scoring chance for the opposition. However, it was told that Fazly had shouted profanities at the referee, an accusation that the player vehemently denies, given his peaceful and friendly nature.

The second in question was in second half injury time, in which NFA no 5 Sadik Said had blatantly kicked the back of substitite Rainy Kassim’s knee, in which the player was stretchered off and limped heavily on his right foot. Although Simon Ong was at quite a distance away, however, assistant referee Syed Ibrahim was only a metre away from the incident and he too, did not spot any infringement, in which most of the spectators at present was calling for a dangerous foul.

The game started at a slow pace with the NFA Blues team, with the likes of Muhelmy Suhaimi, Sadik Said, Iqram Rifqi and co, were dominating at early stages. However, it was the Cheetahs who took the lead.

Right after Fazly’s phantom sending off, a corner from Faozi Rossli was cleared by the NFA defence. However, Benedict Chua picked up the clearance, and shot it towards the right bottom corner of the net. It was deflected from the legs of a defender, which was presented to Hasree Zais, who had the easiest chance to slot the ball home on 38 minutes.

However, four minutes later, Muhelmy Suhaimi (8) headed the ball home past Hakim Sutar for an equalizer from a free kick.

The NFA Blues then took the lead at first half injury time, when Iqram Rifqi took on the Hougang defence, and ended up with a blistering shot that went past Hakim Sutar for the lead.

The second half was for anyone’s taking, with both teams missing glaring opportunites to tie or win the game, however, both the two major incidents marred the entertainment of the game.


Hakim Sutar, Hasree Zais, Sim Shunhai, Azan Jaya (Roimy Kassim 61′), Aubrey Ang, Benedict Chua (c), Thomas Beattie, Hwang Kok Chang (Rainy Kassim 77′, Garnell Syazani 90′), Fazly Hasan (sent off 30′), Faozi Rossli, Shameer Aziq.


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