One-on-One with Geison Moura

Geison signing

Our Brazilian forward, Geison Moura, was recently interviewed for a feature article on

So Geison, tell us how you got started in football and why you decided to make it a career.

When you are a young boy in Brazil, your first birthday gift is usually a football. It wasn’t different for me. Ever since then, I knew that this was the only thing I wanted to do in my life. When I was around five or six years old, I asked my Dad if football would still exist when I grow up. I was very afraid that football would disappear from this globe and I would not know what else to do!

That’s amusing yet adorable at the same time! What made you move from Brazil to play indoor football in the US then?

My first professional contract with A.A Portuguesa (a Brazilian team) was about to expire when my friend called me to attend the tryouts for the American Indoor League. I told my friend that I did not want to do it as I thought it was a scam; these tryout scams are pretty common in Brazil. My friend then asked me if I could at least bring him to the tryout venue since I knew where it was.

When we got there, he had already paid for my registration and gotten me a pair of shoes to train with!  The result of his persistence to get me in the tryouts was that I ended up as one of the four players selected from the 400 who showed up on that day. That was how I ended up in America.

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