Meet Hougang’s new signing – Igor Ferreira Alves

The Cheetahs have secured another Brazillian in their ranks – 29 year old defender Igor Ferreira Alves.

The Sao Paulo native has his entire career span in the lower leagues of Spain, six years to be exact.

“I feel happy to sign for Hougang United. The boys have made me feel welcomed in the team and I feel comfortable to be in the team,” Ferreira said.

Furthermore, he and current Hougang striker Geison Moura were childhood team-mates.

“Geison has made me feel comfortable in the team, as I have personally known him since our footballing days back in Brazil. We played together. However, Geison decided to go to United States to further his career, while I went to Spain to play my football”

Asked if he have any message for the fans, the 29-year-old defender said, “I promise to work hard for the fans. I’ve watched six Hougang games already since I was on trial with the Cheetahs. I can say they have one of the loudest [group of] fans in the country.”

Being in Spain for six years, Ferreira is an avid Real Madrid fan.

“In Brazil, I used to idolise Lucio. He is a good and strong defender, Apart from Lucio, I also like Pepe, Paolo Maldini and Gerard Pique as my favourite defenders and would like to inspire to be like them one day.

Ask if he support Brazil or Spain in the World Cup:

“I support both. Brazil, being my country of birth, and Spain, the country which I have made a lot of friends.”

Ferreira has been handed the jersey number 22.

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