Hougang United Football Club is pleased to announce the signing of Muhammad Zulfahmi Bin Mohd Arifin with Chonburi F.C.

With this career defining move to the Toyota Thai League 1, Muhammad Zulfahmi Bin Mohd Arifin, who will return to fulfil his contract, leaves us with a parting message.

“I want to thank everyone at Hougang United for being so supportive in this move to Chonburi; the Chairman, management, players and fans.

I’m very close to some players like Nazrul Nazari, Fareez Farhan, Iqbal Hussain, Amir Zalani and Syahiran Miswan and I will remember our time together fondly. It’s sad to leave this club that has been nothing but good to me in supporting and treating me so well.

I may have been new to the Hougang Hools in 2017 but they’ve treated me as their own. I hope I’ll always be a part of them.

Thanks be to my wife who always and continues t

o support me despite the sacrifices. I hope it will all be worthwhile.

I’ll be rooting for Hougang United next season for sure.”

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