[Media Release]

Hougang United would like to thank Coach Balagumaran for his services in his debut season for 2016. Coach Balagumaran was a keen believer in developing our players’ mental strength and embraced technology as an additional tool.

Coach Balagumaran was instrumental to a great run of form early in the season and the club appreciates and applauds the contribution of Coach Balagumaran for a great run in the early part of the season. The initial performance of his squad was very promising and the club sincerely looked forward to seal a long term partnership together.

Unfortunately the team’s performance in the second and third round was disappointing. Not only was the mutually agreed KPI not met, but the club only managed to gain a combined total of 16 points from the second and third round – despite achieving 16 points in the first – and ended up crashing out of all cup competitions as well as stumbling out on qualifying for an AFC position.

Hougang United has clearly defined ambitions and this was tough to swallow.

After going through an extensive review with the Management and Football Department, a tough decision was made. We spoke to Coach Balagumaran on the relevant figures and decided that it would be in everyone’s best interests to amicably part ways; for both Coach Balagumaran and Hougang United to plan beyond November 2016.

These discussions and processes are in place to ensure that Hougang United continually improves.

At the moment, Hougang United is scrutinising for a suitable candidate of the highest quality. The club considers performance on the pitch highest among its priorities. The position of Head Coach will only be announced after proper due diligence and discussion with Management are done.

Hougang United will not lose sight of our all-encompassing pursuit for excellence.

We wish to take this opportunity to earnestly thank our fans for their passionate support – as always, Hougang United will continue to push itself to greater heights. The process of sustaining a great football team is only possible from the unwavering contribution of everybody; players, supporters, coaches and the rest of the club staff.

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