Match Preview: Hougang United vs Harimau Muda



Written by Daniel Fadhil.

Its been awhile since I have contributed to the website, however, finally I am being given the opportunity to write for the fanblog again, thanks to the recommendation of the site admin.

Its been a while since the Cheetahs have long tasted victory, way back in February, when Syaqir Sulaiman headed home the only goal to give the Cheetahs a rare victory. Since then, its been draws, disappointing defeats and defeats that might leave a sour taste to everyone that is associated with the Hougang fraternity, as they had dominated the game.

Its not that the Cheetahs had not tried hard, however there were games that the Cheetahs deserved some credit.

  • The away game against DPMM was the most epic to date this season, going down 3-1 at 55 minutes, and a two goal salvo that the Cheetahs deserved. Added with a fact that Fadhil Salim had the game of his life that day with two penalty saves.
  • The game against Tanjong Pagar, where the Cheetahs stunned the Jags, taking the lead twice, before being cruelly murdered by Ismael Benahmed and co during the dying minutes.
  • Last fixture against Warriors when the Cheetahs were clearly the superior team in the second half, scoring twice in three minutes, after which bad refreeing decisions caused the Cheetahs the game.

With Harimau Muda looming in, the Cheetahs have the chance to salvage their season that has been disappointing them. Although the Cheetahs have never beaten the Young Tigers in the S.League however, this is not the same side last season, with Gary Robbat, Wan Zack Haikal, Thamil Arasu, and Affize Faisal all leaving the team. In their place, Maxsius Musa, currently the most exciting prospect in the Malaysian football scene and more Maxsius Musa (can’t think of anyone else), waiting to take the S.League by storm and impressing their international rivals.

Although things have not been easy for the young Tigers, however, they have held Home United, Balestier Khalsa and Tanjong Pagar United, mostly on grass patches. With this being their second fixture on artificial turf, the Tigers might find it difficult against a robust Hougang side, waiting to pounce on any opportunity to win three points in their next games.

The Cheetahs will be happy that the Hougang Spirit that had scared most oppositions the last two seasons had been shown in the game against Warriors FC. However, the Cheetahs needed two key ingredients that will help them salvage their season. First, the luck that have not been siding them this season. Against Warriors, the officials had given two questionable decisions that led to goals. Against DPMM, that almost caused them the game with two phantom penalties given against them, plus playing with ten men. Another key ingredient is confidence. The past sides have seen rampant Cheetahs on the wings, in particularly Fazli Jaffar, whose invaluable contributions have given him the player with the most assists the past two seasons. Sadly, he is being used sparingly this season.

The Cheetahs just need to keep calm and believe that they could salvage their season and go on a winning run soon. This will put the joy and smile on the faces of everyone whose heart beats for the team: HOUGANG UNITED.

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