Match Preview: Hougang United vs Geylang International



(correction: KICK OFF IS AT 8:00 PM)

The Cheetahs will begin the Ramadhan season, with a game at home against the ever improving Eagles at the Hougang Stadium on Wednesday.

Please do note that all games between July 10 and Aug 7 will kick off at 8:00 pm sharp to facilitate the breaking fast of the Muslim players at 7:15pm.

At the back of six winless game streak, the Cheetahs will be hoping to revitalise their season by beating the Eagles at home.

Although the Cheetahs have not been playing badly either, however, Hougang have failed to score their last two games, eventhough they have dominated most of the proceedings.

Their last two games both ended in 1-0 defeats, however, it wasn’t two bad performances for the Cheetahs, however, facing two great keepers in Yazid Yasin and Aurelien Herrisson in the two games.

Coach Johana Johari, who recently has been given the green light to coach the club on permanent basis, will be looking to encourage his strikers, Diallo, Jerome Baker, Liam Shotton and Sobrie Mazelan to fill up their scoring boots once more. However, there is one threat that can breach the Eagles’ defence for this game.

Nurhilmi Jasni is one of the players that Johana can depend to. The 26-year old winger is having his best season to date, scoring four goals so far this season in all competitions. His timely runs to the box have been finding him favourable positions to score, however, he needs to be more confident and take his chances well.

The Cheetahs also need to look out for the Eagles’ captain Jozef Kaplan, who has been by far, Geylang’s best player of the season. Kaplan so far has three goals against the Cheetahs; one in the 2-0 win at Bedok Stadium in April; the other two goals were from the League Cup tie at the same venue, this time a 2-1 win.

So far, the Cheetahs’ defence had stood strongly against many attacks. Will Igor Cerina and co stand tall against Kaplan’s wizardry?? Let’s all come down to Hougang Stadium on Wednesday Night….

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