HGFC@Fanblog: “Pre season form does not win points, but a good season start would be crucial”


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jarrodhool2By: Jarrod Greenaway, Hougang Hools

Hougang HOOL Jarrod Greenaway gives his views on the pre-season campaign for the Cheetahs and what he thinks what is to come for the rest of the season for Hougang.

With the season fast approaching I thought it was a good time to write my second article for the season and hopefully I will get the chance to write many more. Since the end of last year the club has gone through some drastic changes including brand new colours and some brand new faces. This is all a part of the mix for what is going to be the best season yet for our club.

The Jersey change:

The jersey change has been a hot topic since they were released and I have to admit I love them. I think that now is the appropriate time to change the look of Hougang United. Like I mentioned above the Hougang United side that we saw running around the pitch every week last year has changed. We are now looking for a fresh start and so these jerseys in my eyes represent this exactly.

Preseason Performance Rating:

I give our Hougang boys a rating of 6 for their preseason performances. I feel that the boys played remarkably well against SAFFC which was an amazing start and gave us some positive glimpses on what is to come. The boys then suffered two pretty heavy losses back to back, proving to me that the team may not be used to things just yet and still adapting to Alex Weaver’s new style of play. The last game we played against SCC was a good test run before getting back into the regular season. The Chinese New Year clearly doing wonders for our boys going out victorious 5-3 against a brave opponent. Overall a bright start and it is good to see the boys getting in so many trial games.

Best preseason player:

I have two players who I rate the best preseason performers. One is the #3 Syaqir Sulaiman who has proven almost unbeatable in the defensive line. Robert Eziakor has played really well at the start of his S. League season. He has proven to be a striker with killer instinct from up close and is creating chances almost every time he touches the ball. Fan favourite: Let’s be honest as much as we say we love every player equally there is always a fan favourite at every club. In my eyes the personal favourite of the HOOLS is none other than Fadhil Salim, as his goalkeeping abilities are only getting better in my eyes and it is so good to have him back and ready again for what will be a groundbreaking season for him and his teammates.

What’s to come for Hougang:

Hougang are on the right track to coming S. League champions one day. This year we will definitely improve on last season’s 8th place and will take the club to new heights. Singapore Cup wise we are massive contenders this year and hopefully we can get to at least the same place we got to last year and go a couple of steps further to be crowned the champions.

To the fans:

This year is going to be a fresh start for our club and I am very excited for the season ahead. Let’s hope that the year of the snake can bring us home some  silverware but however if not just remember …. SILVERWARE WE DON’T CARE WE FOLLOW HOUGANG EVERYWHERE.

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