HGFC@Fanblog: Me and my Hougang Affair

In this first part of HGFC@Fanblog, we have invited Mr Jarrod Greenaway who hails from Sydney to join in the support of our beloved club, Hougang United FC.


jarrod1 By: Jarrod Greenaway, Hougang HOOL

Hi my name is Jarrod Greenaway and I am a 17-year old Australian expat. I have been living in Singapore for 3 years.

My love for football began when my home nation of Australia made the WC 2006 and just like other Australians, I got right behind my national team. I then began supporting Sydney FC in the local A-League competition.However, I am now a passionate follower of the Western Sydney Wanderers who joined A-League this year as they represent the area where I came from.

When I moved to Singapore I made the decision to meet as many locals as I possibly could. I love sports, so I thought football may be a good way to achieve this. Through some of my own research I saw that Hougang was playing Geylang in the S-League so a small group of friends and I made the short trip to Hougang Stadium to experience our first S-League game. I must say that I was shocked by the passionate and loud supporters known only as the Hougang HOOLS. Their chanting and supporting was something I had never experienced before. I was unsure how the supporters would react to me being there.However, I had nothing to fear as they were extremely welcoming, as each supporter introduced themselves to me , thus making me feel a part of the group.

Since that day I have tried my utmost to get to as many games as I possibly can and I’m proud to say that I have now found a passion for not only Hougang United but also the Singapore national team in which many of my fellow HOOLS support so passionately. I enjoy the company of the HOOLS because it gives me the sense of “mate”-ship which is something that us Australians treasure deeply. It also creates great fun, while singing and watching the football.

I often talk to Singaporeans who wonder why I would go to an S-League game as they believe the standard is poor. Of course it is not the Premier League. It is a group of players and officials who have rose to become the elite at their sport within their country. It has players from other countries who are looking for opportunities to grow and improve. I enjoy the individual skill of the S-League players. In the end it is not about comparing, it is about individuals on the field competing to the best of their ability. It is as a fan feeling part of a team, part of a community. It is the passion and excitement of seeing your team win and the support and encouragement us fans can bring when the team loses. It is sport which brings all types of people together.

To me, nobody is more passionate about football,  than the HOOLS. As a group they represent all that I have said above. That is why they are the greatest supporters in Singapore and Hougang United are the greatest club. One day I may have to return to Australia however I will always be HOUGANG TILL I DIE !!

Mr Jarrod Greenaway is currently a student in Australian International School and is a regular during Hougang games. Together with his two friends, Kyle and Johan, they have been lending their support for the Cheetahs for majority of the games.
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