S-League Fanfare day


On Sunday afternoon, if you walked down Orchard Road, you might seen a few topless males with different body paintings, strutting their well-chiselled bodies on a wet and chilly Sunday.

No, they are not your typical models, but they are actually the player representatives of the S-League clubs (only Harimau Muda & DPMM FC did not send any). Along with S-League CEO Mr Lim Chin, who he himself went topless in a white coated body paint, and a number of the ardent supporters of the S-League clubs were there to promote the awareness of our national league.

Hougang’s representative, Jeremy Chiang, clad in the paint of the new Hougang Home kit, looked shivering in the cold, however, he was all smiles in promoting our Pride of the Northeast. The Hougang HOOLS, were as usual loud in their chorus of cheers and also enjoying their cameraderie, along with the S-League supporters.

The event started out at the Atrium@ION, where the S.League Superbabes, with their new look lineup, showing off some powerful moves and strutting their flexibility of their bodies to wow the afternoon Orchard crowd.

After that the players’, plus the fans entourage moved down Orchard road, soaking in the rain. From IONOrchard, they moved down to Ngee Ann City and finally Paragon Shopping Centre, where they handed out flyers to invite the fans to watch the Charity Shield on Feb 15 at Jalan Besar.

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