HGFC’s Statement On Singapore Land Authority’s (SLA) Injunction on Home United Youth Football Academy (HYFA) at Mattar Road.


Our club refers to the Todayonline’s report on the above (dated 13th Jan 2017 by Noah Tan / Teo Teng Kiat).

Hougang United Football Club (HGFC) fully sympathises with (Home United Youth Football Academy) HYFA and share their dismay on the SLA’s injunction to restrict the usage on two of their pitches at Mattar Road.

HGFC fully believes that as with every sport, footballing talents must be nurtured young. While Singapore is an intensely compact city, the co-existence of peaceful residential living and provision of basic sporting infrastructure, at the very least on under-utilised or undeveloped state land, is most certainly possible within close proximity.

This is notwithstanding that as reported in the same article, HYFA’s existing infrastructure and terms of usage at Mattar Road were appropriately approved by the authorities.

HGFC salutes HYFA’s establishment and efforts in Mattar Road and in continually promoting and providing avenues for our nation’s young footballing talent to train and play. As a heartland club that also aspires to work towards similar academy, this augurs very well for our nation’s footballing future , especially at this juncture when our nation’s ranking for football is at the nadir of our nation’s history.

Our club can only hope that all stakeholders, especially the Football Association of Singapore (FAS) and Sports Singapore (SG Sports) will continue to support, promote and engage the other relevant land authorities to provide more land for football training in our heartlands, and with a fair calibration towards the need to preserve the peace and conduciveness of residential living.

The Management
Hougang United Football Club


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