HGFC@Fanblog: The spirit of supporting your local club”


Quotes compiled by: Ernest Lim

Video by: ST Razor TV

The quotes below taken from the video embody the semagat a.k.a spirit that runs in the blood of Hougang Hools.

Football is a religion to us and as cheesy as it might sound, this is precisely what we Singaporeans need as a football culture and for our S-League.
“You represent your own area – you have a sense of pride you. You see people (Singaporeans) supporting Liverpool, Manchester United, Barcelona, Real Madrid but they don’t live there actually.” – Ian Su

When you take ownership of the place you live, your neighbourhood football club becomes your pride. The friends and supporters you meet become your community and in that way football binds us together.
“It’s always fun when you have like-minded people – just cheer and shout with them. We feel the atmosphere; we feel it more when we watch it live rather than on TV.” – Adil Buhari

Don’t miss the chance to get down to the stadiums and give a shout for your football club. Because of your presence at the stands, it gives the players encouragement and moral support, while they battle it out on the pitch.
“Ultras believe in a certain way of support, like singing throughout the 90 mins.
We are not labeled Ultras – we are just inspired by them.” – Mervin Tan

Don’t despair and compare football regional countries with ours. Instead, we have to show them that we can hold our own and make S-League a success. See you at the stadium soon!

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