HGFC@Fanblog: ” I am totally impressed with the HOOLS”


By: Anonymous, a Warriors FC fan.

Hello Hools,

I’m just a neutral local fan but I got to say tht I’m an absolute keen admirer of your ultras-inspired fan club. It’s ultimately impressive, on the manner you guys produce your own merchandises like stickers, props on match days which could only hope that other S League clubs emulate. I watch in envy cause I wish I own the same burning passion as you guys to support my own hometown club, SAF.

However, here’s a suggestion for you guys. Since you ppl somehow own some kinda reputation with your works and no more stranger to the S League fraternity. Maybe it’s time tht Hougang Hools starts expanding & begin their own recruitment drive. Trust me, if you guys managed to gained whole lot of numbers for your matches, slowly everything will go viral & fans of other clubs will follow. Here’s what you guys can do:

1) Start writing to schools in Hougang, Punggol, Serangoon, Sengkang, Ang Mo Kio area to offer to talk about Hougang & the Hools, during their assemblies. Basically ignite th desire & passion among students & this way you can expand the numbers in Hougang stadiums. You can even in fact do this in NYP as it owns a larger pool of students & even falls under Ang Mo Kio.

2) Try your best to set up booths in malls (compass point?), schools, flea markets where you guys can start selling merchandises like your scarves, stickers, t shirts & at the same time promotin the Hools & Hougang united. Basically “educate” the public & spread the passion you guys are having.

3) write to your respective RCs in those fore mentioned area of potential recruitment drive. Place up banners in neighborhood estate promoting matches & invite them to the Hools bandwagon.

4) circulate donation box where fans who are willing to, can opt to chip in th “Hougang Hools” fund & boost even further your match day experience.

5) Come to NTU & rent one of the flea markets promoting the Hools. I’m sure a lot of NTU students would be keen to catch Syaqir Sulaiman in action in the S League (ps; he owns a messiah-like status in NTU ;P)

In the nutshell, with your rising prominence, continue making this whole thing a Hougang, Sengkang, Punggol pride. Leave a sense of identity, especially targeting youths. I believe so, if you guys continue making spirited effort, there will be plethora of fans making their way to the Hougang stadium making their voices heard with you guys in no time(;

An #sgfootball fan.

(The writer wishes to remain anonymous)

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