Cheetahs sealed final foreign spot with Robert Eziakor.


The Cheetahs of the North East have finally sealed their only remaining spot in the squad with Nigerian striker Robert Chinedu Eziakor.

Eziakor, also a Singapore PR, had a season long stint with the all-African outfit Sporting Afrique FC in 2006. Due to payment arrears and a high profile scandal with their living conditions, the African based team had been denied participation for the 2007 season. The 26-year old then had a journey down in the National Football League, appearing for Katong FC, Singapore Sports Association, before appearing for NFL Div 1 side Tiong Bahru United FC for two years.

Eziakor joins Mamadou Diallo, Jerome Baker, Thomas Beattie and Liam Shotton as the foreign legion of Hougang for the 2013 S-League season.

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