Dear All

Happy New Year!

Apologies for the rather late message from me as I was feeling down from HGFC’s poor performance period.

However, it is not a time for HGFC to be selfish and wallowing in self-pity over its sluggish performance.

In good and especially bad times, HGFC always remembers its fans and supporters who believes in us throughout these years.

To sum up HGFC’s 2018 performance in one sentence, it was a big flop. Performance was dismal and there are no excuses.

Improvements will be made to the football team. We have imposed a very strict training regime and clear expectations for the football team in 2019.

HGFC has come to a sink or swim crossroads and its Committee will not be tolerating any nonsense, excuses, laziness, pettiness or performing without the passion, ferocity and determination to fight for HGFC’s name.

Change is the only constant for us to improve.

It is not in HGFC’s nature to give up easily. To some, the above measure is brutal, even harsh in nature. It is a necessary measure for us to move forward and I will march on with a steel determination and courage to improve HGFC’s performance. I cannot accomplish this on my own. I sincerely seek your immense support and commitment to turn around HGFC’s performance. Let us work together to achieve the goal!

We will also be revamping our operational model by injecting new and highly competent people with fresh perspectives and new skills to boost HGFC.

Once again, thank you to all HGFC’s fans and family, the HOOLS who have always been supportive through tough times.

We assure you that 2019 will be a fruitful year with better results and the changes we are planning.

Wishing you and your loved ones a happy 2019 filled with good health, prosperity and happiness.

Bill Ng
Hougang United Football Club